Dr. K. Sujatha Reddy is the founder and incorporator of Sai Health Fair, Inc, a 501(c)3 Not For Profit Organization. She conceived and created Sai Health Fair and has been instrumental in planning and coordinating each and every Fair. Dr. Reddy is a medical doctor and a United States citizen. She began practicing medicine in 1980 after finishing her residency at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Currently, she is licensed as a physician in the state of Georgia. She has been employed with the state of Georgia Community Medical Health Centers since 1981. She is a member of the Georgia Medical Association and has received numerous awards throughout her career.


Dr. Reddy has been driven by her sincere love of people - inspiring her to organize Sai Health Fair. Her heartfelt concern for those in need was the impetus that set off a chain of events leading to this successful community endeavor.


In order to provide services to the community and in order to conduct successful health fairs, Dr. Reddy diligently sought the cooperation and un-compromised services of physicians, nurses, and technicians, other health care professionals, pharmaceutical companies, community and faith-based organizations, and individual volunteers to participate in the fairs. All the Health Fairs conducted are meticulously planned.

Dr. Reddy does the planning months in advance. After the health fairs are held, Dr. Reddy does extensive follow-up work with the patients. This effort alone often requires several weeks of hard work.


As a follow-up, Dr. Reddy interacts with the participants to ensure they receive the appropriate medical advice regarding health issues identified during the health fair and through lab tests. She has also coordinated with participantís family physician regarding health issues or referred participants to physicians specialize in the treatment they require.

Lab reports are usually mailed out to the Health Fair participants within 48 hours. If any abnormalities are detected requiring further follow up, patients are advised accordingly. Test results of some patients have helped identify several life threatening situations for some participants who are immediately notified so that timely action can be taken.


Her ongoing mission is to provide medical help to the needy with compassion and dignity through Health Fairs. Sai Health Fair has been a highly successful humanitarian project through her efforts and the efforts and support of many volunteers as well as donors of services and funds. Her plan is to build upon this success by expanding this humanitarian service and to enlist the support of many more physicians, nurses and volunteers. When asked why she takes time out of her busy medical practice to do this work, her response is simply "Because it gives me joy to help others."