Sai Health Fair Needs Your Help

Dear Blessed Self:

Too often you hear someone say, "If only we had known, all of this could have been prevented." It is heartbreaking to learn that a serious illness could have been avoided with early intervention and treatment. The dedicated doctors from 16+ different specialties, along with nurses and other volunteers at Sai Health Fairs have been working hard to make sure those people have access to medical screening services that can help identify potentially debilitating diseases or even death.

To date we have conducted Twenty (20) Sai Health Fairs in the Metro Atlanta Area, all with resounding success. Sai Health Fairs have consistently provided needy people with an opportunity to receive basic health screenings such as Blood Chemistry Profiles (14), PSA Screenings for Prostate cancer, HbA1C for Diabetics, EKGs, Bone Density Screenings, Glaucoma Screenings, and Audio Screenings at no cost to the person (except in the case of blood work, where there is a $15 lab fee). Other services have included Cardiac Risk Assessments and Education on Diabetes, Hypertension, and Nutrition. We are proud to note that within 48 hours of the Screening, notification and consultation is given for those with adverse test results including guidance on what to do next.

For example, Osteoporosis is a serious medical condition that is responsible for approximately 1.5 million fractures a year where bones become thin, weak and brittle. Most with Osteoporosis show few symptoms until a bone breaks (usually in the hip, spine or wrist). Bone Mineral Density Screenings identify any potential bone loss, and include educating the patient on ways to prevent Osteoporosis. Early detection of Osteoporosis, as with many of our screenings, gives patients greater odds of improving or even curing the condition.

In conjunction with your support and the support and volunteered services from the medical community, pharmaceutical companies, and the dedicated individual volunteers who provide their invaluable time & service, our ambition is to continue to hold these health fairs at least twice each year. Without your help, this might not be possible and many would go without critical screening.

We need your help. Your support allows us to continue to conduct these Health Fairs so that we can provide those in need with an opportunity to receive these important healthcare screenings and preventative medical services. Please make your tax-deductible charitable donation to Sai Health Fair and help us to serve our community and those greatly in need.


K. Sujatha Reddy, M.D
Chief Coordinator